I am truly blessed to be the new Pastor at Springdale Church. Springdale Church is one of Toronto’s oldest churches that celebrate the Religion of Spiritualism. As I developed through my many years as a Spiritualist, I came to understand the words of Silver Birch “ I know of one religion; it is service. We judge by action, by life, by motive.”

Spiritualism is a way of life, and through our understanding of our Seven Principles, we can embrace our true nature and become the person that we are meant to be. Like many of you, I came to understand the continuity of life, when a dear friend, whom I thought of as a sister, made her transition at a young age. Through this major loss in my life, my dear friend reached from the other side to communicate to me that she was not dead; that she was alive. This was truly amazing!

I experienced a yearning to learn more about life after life. When I was ready to investigate this concept, many roads were presented by Spirit. The turning point for me was when I entered a Spiritualist Church for the first time in 2005.

Spiritualism is a Religion, a Philosophy and a Science.

As a religion it leads us to pray to the God of our understanding. We are all free thinkers and as such, we can hold dear to our beliefs and still be part of a wonderful spiritual community of like minded people.

As a philosophy, Spiritualism provides us the opportunity to learn from God’s Natural Laws and our Seven Principles. Together they assist us as we journey to reach our truth of who we are and what our purpose is. Service to our fellow sisters and brothers is a way of giving freely of ourselves and expressing our true spirit.

As a Science, Spiritualism provides us an opportunity to develop and demonstrate that spirit manifestations can be seen through Healing Mediumship, Mental Mediumship and Physical Mediumship. We can experience observable facts, irrefutable evidence and truth and an inner knowing that the Religion of Spiritualism is a way of life.

I invite all of you to open your hearts and minds to this wonderful religion and to come to Springdale Church and experience the love, peace and harmony of being a Spiritualist. Come be part of our Church.

In love and light

Reverend Angela Morra