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It is through personal interpretation and understanding of any spiritual philosophy, and how it is expressed by living it, that shapes the individual spiritually and guides their decisions in how they choose to interact with everyone and everything of the material and non-material worlds.

Spiritualism helps to provide a personal philosophy for every Spiritualist, each continuously progressing and growing in their understanding and interpretation, resulting in the consideration of many diverse views. However, in essence, the underpinning ideas come from the same source of universal understanding, and at Springdale Church it is based on the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

It is the acceptance of this diversity that makes Spiritualism free from creed or dogma as a religious philosophy. Although Springdale Church chooses to set down the principles behind Spiritualism, the principles are not seen as binding; rather, they are simply a foundation for one’s journey of understanding.

It is by applying personal philosophy in all compartments of day-to-day living and by progressing and learning through life’s experiences that Spiritualism becomes a living personal philosophy.