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From time to time, the Board of Directors or the Pastor of Springdale Church may identify a book (or article), video, or other source of media that we consider to be beneficial for our members to read, listen to, or watch in order to further your understanding of Spiritualism. Links to the relevant source of media will be included on this page.

Spiritualist Organizations


  • Spirit Teachings by Reverend W. Stainton Moses. The paperback version of the book is available in the Church for $15.
  • A Guide to Spirit Healing by Harry Edwards.
  • Spiritual Unfoldment V1-3: White Eagle


Springdale Church is blessed to have access to historical newsletters that include articles and other writings from past Reverends and Members of Springdale Church. This page is intended to showcase a number of these articles and other writings so that the wisdom contained within is not forgotten. We hope you enjoy them.