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We invite you to apply for membership at Springdale

When you become a member of Springdale Church, Toronto, you help to strengthen our community of Spiritualists and ensure that Springdale can continue to provide spiritual services for generations to come.

You also gain access to many benefits, like members-only discounts on special event tickets, newsletter updates, and the ability to vote at special and annual general meetings of the Church.

Keep reading below for full details and to fill out an application form.

Frequently Asked Questions

In accordance with By-Law #1, section 17, any Spiritualist who

(a) is of good moral character,
(b) signifies his or her belief in the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, and
(c) is not already a member of another Spiritualist Church

is eligible for full membership in Springdale Church.

Even if you are a member of another Spiritualist Church, then you may still qualify to become a non-voting Honourary Member in Springdale Church, Toronto.

Full Members may vote in Board elections, have a say in the appointment of Pastors, and vote at special or general meetings of the members. Full Members may also attend mediumship classes and are eligible for appointment as ministers, lecturers, healers, and demonstrators at Springdale Church.

Both Full Members and Non-voting Honourary Members receive regular communications from the Church regarding upcoming services and special events. They may also receive members-only discounts on special event tickets.

All members must pay $20 annually to keep their membership active.

Membership fees are due by September 1 each year. There is no discount for new members who join mid-year.

No. Our regular weekly services and events are open to everyone. Some special events may require you to purchase a ticket to participate, but our regular weekly services are completely free. You may make a financial donation during the service if you wish to do so.

Sometimes, members will receive a members-only discount on the ticket price of special events.

You need only scroll down, complete the electronic form below, and click “Submit”!

Got More Questions?

Membership Application Form

Fill out the form below and click on "Submit" to apply for Membership at Springdale Church, Toronto.

    ✓ Yes! I wish to become a member of Springdale Church.

    Successful applicants must certify their belief in the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, namely:

    1. The Fatherhood of God;

    2. The Brotherhood of Man;

    3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels;

    4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul;

    5. Personal Responsibility;

    6. Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth; and

    7. Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul

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